How P90X can help your golf swing!

Unless you have not been watching TV for the past few years, you must have seen the P90X exercise program. It really is a terrific series of DVD's

What do Warren Buffet, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Richard Branson and Tiger Woods all have in common?

They can't see their back-swing in business or golf! That's the truth, it really doesn't matter how good you are, you cannot see what is happening

Tears of Joy teaching golf!

Yesterday I gave the second golf lesson to a young student, and afterwards I was nearly in tears with joy. For the first time he really hit a golf sho

Play FUNDAMENTAL GOLF if you want to Win!

If you have started playing golf this season, the chances are that you are not scoring as well as you did at the end of last season, or perhaps as wel

Box Your Way to a Powerful Golf Swing

If you wan't to add more power to your golf swing then you have to accomplish three things: 1. Make sure that you get the center of the club face o

Get up and down from 100 yards!

Ths is one of the most under practiced part of the amateur golfers regimine and one of the most practiced of the professional players. Hmmmm! htt

Want to Hit Longer and Straighter Drives?

Doesn't everyone? Well here's three steps that will help you:

Why are Apple Computers and Tiger Woods Winners?

Well they are both #1 in the world in the categories that they compete in, is fairly obvious, but what is it that got both to become #1 and stay winne

Get Golf Fit

Here are some simple exercises that will help you improve your golf game this season.

Is TIGER nuts about WINNING the “Masters”?

We think he probably is, and the very same way that we are nuts about our Tiger Nuts. If you are a golfer, then you should seriously think about th