Excuse me, this is the American Brand you are messing with!

Seriously, these guys and gals we all voted into Washington to look after Americans and the American way of life, seem to me to be simply posturin

What….a Floating Flake?

Regular readers know that one of my favorite clients was Cadbury Chocolate, so that's why I hope you will understand that my enthusiasm for their late

A Boy with Pink Toenails are you Serious?

Well J Crew has making some eyebrows go up, some mouths open and the expression “What on earth were they thinking”, being said an awful lot. It's

And the Winner Is!!!!!

Mark Boal, who the heck is Mark Boal, well he is for me, one of the best Oscar winners in this years race. You see Mark is the screenplay writer of

Oldies But Goodies!

I was watching the golf on TV last Sunday afternoon, very excited as Freddie Couples birdied the first three holes of the “Northern Trust” event b

All we got was a $100 rain!!

As you might know, we live in the Turks & Caicos Islands for most of the year and of course have to survive hurricane season each time. Well we ju

The Gekko is Back!

Yes 20 years after Gordon Gekko uttered those infamous words “Greed is Good”, he is back in a new movie. The “Greed is Good” statement was pro

Who Own’s the Jack Sims Brand?

This is just one of the many clips on You Tube of me speaking at various events for coporations like Panasonic and associations across the country

My 2 cents on the Oil Spill

The Oil in the Gulf Well everyone has an opinion on what happened in the Gulf, the BP response, the government’s involvement and everyone who han

When markets get small, think BIG

You don’t need to be a genius to know that businesses are seriously hurting in this economy. I know that it’s fairly easy to blame the government