Read the label if you want to improve the economy!

When I was a kid living in England, someone over there created an advertising campaign that I thought was probably one of the biggest reasons that got

Profitability before all else!

The world has dramatically changed over the past decade. Especially the world of business right? Well, yes and no. It’s true we have seen dramat

Do you want to own your brand?

Well if you do, you are like most people in business, let's face it having the brand leading brand in the marketplace that you are competing in is a p

What’s Your Light Bulb?

When I was a young boy in England we would often go to street markets and just kind of hang out, I guess it was our version of "The Mall" today. If

Doctors Are “Hands Down” the Best Sales People!

Most people are in sales, yes I know that's a big statement, but it's true, we are all selling something to someone, maybe it's even selling your wife

When good products are just not good enough!

Like any proud father, I love all my six Fundamental Rules equally.  But if I absolutely had to pick one that I thought was most important, it would

Tell your employees they’re not worth it

I always told my employees, if you’re ever thinking about coming into my office to ask for a raise, think about it very hard.  Because I will almos

Why Winning Brands DO Sweat the Small Stuff

OK this isn’t going to be the most exciting piece of advice you’ll ever get on growing your business but it is, however, the best.  Get back to b

Some Customers Are More Equal Than Others

Here is the single biggest and most valuable business growth lesson I ever learned.  When I was a kid working in my parents Mom & Pop candy and n

Sell a Dream, give the product for FREE!!

So how about hitting some serious numbers?  How about owning your category?  The good news is you don’t have to change what you sell, you just hav