Why are Apple Computers and Tiger Woods Winners?

Well they are both #1 in the world in the categories that they compete in, is fairly obvious, but what is it that got both to become #1 and stay winners?

There are some significant items that have made a difference in both, and the first is that they have a very clear understanding of WHY they got into business in the first place. Yes whether you like it or not, Tiger Woods is a business and he also happens to be a brand too.

The two Steve’s, Jobs and Wosniak, founded a computer company that was singularly focused on challenging the “This is the way that the industry does it” type thinking. In their case they deliberately created communications that were designed to appeal to the individual and bring out the rebel in them. They were and are incredibly focused on making sure that the majority of people can be a part of their particular revolution.

And what they were and are very aware of is mining down to a “Category of One”, which by the way, also happens to be the name of a great book by my friend Joe Calloway, go get it!

This is WHY they got into business in the first place.

Tiger Woods is also incredibly focused, which you will have witnessed first hand if you have ever seen him play golf. He is a man on a mission, and he does not ease off until he has hit the very last putt of the round.

But that’s not Tiger’s WHY.

Tiger Woods “WHY I got into playing professional golf” is:

“To Become the Best Golfer the World has ever known”

Big statement, but true!

Many people will argue that he plays professional golf so that he can beat Jack Nicklaus record of 18 Major Wins, but the truth is, that is one of the results of his “WHY”. If he becomes the Best Golfer the world has ever known, winning more than 18 Majors will simply be one of the results of his “WHY”.

So the answer to the question “Why are Apple Computers and Tiger Woods Winners”, is that that they both have a very clear understanding of “WHY they are in Business” combined with a singular “Clarity of Purpose”.

Jack Sims is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs, business founders, management teams and employees to grow their businesses by understanding and leveraging their “WHY they are in business in the first place” and having a “Clarity of Purpose”. Jack has founded two international corporations including America’s largest marketing agency and was recently named “One of Meeting Planners Favorite Speakers”. He is the author of two business growth books including “Growing small Businesses into BIG Brands” and “How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf”, a guest lecturer at the Institute of Business, a member of the National Speakers Association.

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