Box Your Way to a Powerful Golf Swing

If you wan’t to add more power to your golf swing then you have to accomplish three things:

1. Make sure that you get the center of the club face on the center of the ball at impact.
2. Have a fundamentally sound golf swing.

Points 1 and 2 can be achieved by visiting your local golf pro and a great deal of perfect practice.

3. Think like a boxer!!!!!!

What do I mean by this. Well as as an example, above my desk, as I write this blog, there is a picture of Muhammad Ali, standing over Sonny Liston on May 28th 1965. Ali had just hit Sonny Liston with “the Short Punch”, it was as if he never hit him, it was so short and powerful. How did that happen? We;; Muhammad hit Sonny Liston with all of his body and just a short punch, but it had every ounce of his body into that punch.

And it’s the same in golf if you want some serious power.

You have to swing the club using your big muscles, just like a good boxer does. Hit the ball with your torso, and let the hands come along for the ride, that’s if you want to get some serious distance on the fairway.

Jack Sims is the Golf Teaching Professional at Storm King Golf Club in New York, and speaks to audiences across the country on “How to WIN at Business and Golf”.

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