Play FUNDAMENTAL GOLF if you want to Win!

If you have started playing golf this season, the chances are that you are not scoring as well as you did at the end of last season, or perhaps as well as you would like.

The question is WHY?

Well there could be many differing answers, but the chances are that you have not checked your fundamentals, and if you have had lessons with me, then you know I go through a four step fundamental process with every student.

Here’s the four fundamental steps:

Step 1:

Alignment: If the club face is not aligned at a 90 degree angle to the intended target line, then you have dramatically reduced the chances of it going where you want it to go.

Step 2:

Grip: If you are not holding the club correctly, the chances are that it will negatively affect the outcome of your golf swing. I do not mind which type of grip you use, overlapping, interlocking or baseball, as long as it is set in a neutral position that will allow your hands and forearms to rotate naturally.

Step 3:

Stance: For most shots you feet should be set equidistant to the ball position. Yes I know that the driver should be slightly forward, roughly off the left heel (for right handed players), and possibly play the wedges back in the stance. But whatever shot you h play, the butt end of the grip should be aligned with the zipper on your pants.

Step 4:

Posture: This is a tough one for many players, and especially those who do not exercise or stretch. Here’s the simplest way that I know to get into the right posture. Stand vertically and let your legs break at the knees into an athletic position. Then place a golf club across your hips, and while keeping your back straight, push your butt back as if you were going to sit in a chair, or if you were going to pick up a weight in the gym.

Get these four fundamental steps right, and you will soon be back to playing golf just a little bit better. And if you would like a more detailed version of any of these steps, juts drop me a line at

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