How P90X can help your golf swing!

Unless you have not been watching TV for the past few years, you must have seen the P90X exercise program.

It really is a terrific series of DVD’s, yes we have them at home, and there is one warm up move that I truly believe will hep your golf game.

The move is called “Huggers”.

Here’s what you do, stand erect and swing your arms across your chest so the right arm goes above the left, and you end up giving yourself a hug, this occurs through centrifugal force.

Then swing back the other way with your left arm above the right. Keep doing this for a couple of minutes.

Now you will understand the feel that you should have in your arms when making a golf swing. There is zero tension in your arms when you are doing “Huggers”, and that’s exactly the way they should feel during your golf swing. Take all the tension out of your arms, tension is the killer of a golf swing.

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