How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf

Because Par for the course just isn’t good enough anymore!

What do you get when you combine a world class business growth expert who founded America’s largest marketing agency with an acclaimed golf teaching professional?

A one of a kind keynote that is based on a concept that can only come from the mind of a man who has been at the top of his game in business and golf! Jack Sims is that person and he will help you and your audience and their teams perform like champions.

Jack has founded and grown hugely successful businesses on two continents and grown them both to a national sized corporation. His US based marketing agency helped clients like Polaroid, British Airways, General Foods, Burger King, Lever, Lipton, Colgate Palmolive, Peter Paul Cadbury and dozens more become the brand leader in their various categories. He has been able to leverage his success by selling his corporation to Wall Street and achive a lifelong dream of becoming a golf teaching professional. He currently is the teaching pro at a New York private golf club and driving range where he focusses his teaching on “measurable results”, just like he did in his business world.

Jack Sims says, “It’s all about WINNING.”

How top performers from business and golf succeed, and how they have the same performance steps in common.

After 35 years of real world business experience in helping companies grow their brands and their businesses and from teaching hundreds of golf students, Jack had one of those “Eurika” moments. He realized that the great business leaders that he had worked with as clients, and professional athletes like pro golfers at the top of their games, go through the same thinking and execution process to become winners in their respective fields.

This is the very heart of Jack’s newest book “How To Seriously WIN at Business & Golf” and it’s also the foundation of his latest keynote of the same name.

Jack’s keynote speaking sessions are high powered, high on content and will absolutely blow your audience away. He has no equal when it comes to delivering this unique keynote session. It is his own experiences, his journey that audiences get when they see Jack on stage. He found out by walking the walk of founding businesses, playing golf at the highest level by playing for his adopted country in the Caribbean Championships for 11 years in a row and from getting rave reviews from the golf students he teaches, that there is a very definite correlation between the way that great business leaders and winning golfers, think and act. They do the same things, but they do it in very different ways, but the net result is that they are WINNERS, and that’s what the audience will get from seeing and listening to Jacks’ keynote “How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf”

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