Listen to your waistline, and hit better golf shots today!

Most golfers know that to hit a solid shot you have to make a full shoulder turn, this is not news!
But here’s the thing, most golfers think they are making a shoulder turn, but in reality they are simply letting their left shoulder (for right handers) touch their chin. Because this is what they have always been told “wait until your shoulder hits your chin before starting your downswing”.

Here’s a move that will absolutely positively let you know that you have made the correct shoulder turn for you:

Get in your set up position and then start your backswing VERY SLOWLY. I cannot stress this enough, if you think you are going slowly, slow it down some more! Now keep turning until you your waistline feeling as if you cannot turn any more. It doesn’t matter if you actually start looking behind you, but I do want you to feel your waist coiling.
Now once you have the feeling that your waist is coiling, you will see that your back is probably facing the target and your chest is facing backwards down the intended target line.
Now make sure you do your swing again, and this time stay with your eye looking at the ball and feel your waist coiling and your back to the target. You will still feel your shoulder hit your chin, but you will now be making a full shoulder turn too!

One extra thing:

To make this new move a permanent part of your golf swing, make a slow full swing and hold the position at the top of the backswing(with your waist fully coiled) for at least 10 seconds. Then slowly start your down swing and gradually increase the speed.

Do these practices swings in doors for those of you in cold climates and for those of you who lucky enough to play at this time of the year, do at least 20 slow practice swings every day, then increase it by 10 a day until you reach 100 per day. This will start to get your become more flexible and also become part of your golf swing.

Jack Sims is the Golf Teaching Professional at Storm King Golf Club, NY
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  1. Nick Bammbino says:

    Jack Iam in Marco Island and playing .I look foward to seeing you. When will you be coming back to Newburgh.Nick

  2. Jack Sims says:

    Nick I will be back teaching golf in New York at Storm King and Duffers as of the beginning of May. Play well in Florida, Jack

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