Excuse me, this is the American Brand you are messing with!

Seriously, these guys and gals we all voted into Washington to look after Americans and the American way of life, seem to me to be simply posturing and looking after their re-election opportunities rather than fixing the financial problems we have. (at the time of writing anyway) I have been fortunate in my life to have founded 2 successful companies on two continents and have employed hundreds and hundreds of people. And one of the things that I have found out is that on occasion, people within the company have differences, and if these differences are not placated and solved, it can cause major problems. Many situations are based on the “he said, he said” position, and they can foster into much larger disruptive situations. I can assure you that if these conditions are not solved quickly and correctly that it can become a cancer within the company.

The best way I have found to solve these things is to get both parties in the same room to say exactly what they said, then stay in the room until the issue is solved so that the company can get on with doing what it should be doing.

That’s what should be happening in Washington. Otherwise the American brand that has been highly regarded by most countries around the world will be irreparably damaged. We are the world’s brand leader, and should conduct ourselves like it, or someone will take our place.

How dare these guys meet a few hours a week, then go on TV and tell everyone that the other side walked out or doesn’t have a plan. STAY IN THE ROOM UNTIL YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, IT’S ABOUT US AMERICANS and our American Brands that consumers around the world spend millions of dollars buying. Let’s face it, many of the US corporations that sell around the world are generating more profits from overseas sales than they are domestically, and that must be protected..

Sorry about the rant, but as a fellow American, (I am American by choice) I think we should do everything we can to make sure that America get’s back it’s brand leading brand position and the respect of the rest of the world.

OK back to the world of business and branding:

I wrote a blog recently that got some attention and I would like to start with that in an effort to make the manufacturers and us consumers in America think a little bit harder about making our country great again:

Look at the Label, if you want to improve the economy!

When I was a kid living in England, someone over there created an advertising campaign that was probably one of the biggest reasons that I got into the world of marketing communications, it was made up of two words……”Buy British”. Well it worked and frankly I think that it’s time to see if it could work again, but this time for us at home here in the US, so I am suggesting that we all start looking at the labels on any of the products goods or services that we purchase and make sure it says “Made in America”.

The campaign is simply this…..“Buy American” If you are serious about making a change in the economic climate and protecting our country, then this is one way you can make a serious difference…yes “Buy American”. If you would like to give me your thoughts on this, just e-mail me by clicking here, I look forward to hearing from you.

What’s Tiger Woods up to these days?

Well he’s not winning golf tournaments that’s for sure, in fact he’s not even playing these days as he has yet another knee injury. Frankly the way he was playing it’s kind of lucky that he had the knee injury to save him some additional embarrassment on the golf course, the way he was playing. Of course he is still making lot’s of money from endorsements from companies like Nike, Electronic Arts, TAG Heuer and Upper Deck after he was unceremoniously dumped by Accenture, ATT and Gatorade. So with his public persona basically in the dumpster he has been struggling with getting new sponsors, but recently he managed to get a deal with a Japanese heat rub and muscle pain product called Vantelin Kowa………OUCH!

Here’s the deal, when Tiger was at the top of his game he was one of the most desired pitchman in the world, and since the scandal and subsequent divorce he has slipped down the list of celebrity endorsers from the top to # 2596, right next to those hot properties Eric Estrada and Ruben Studdard.

Tiger, get well and focus on being a great golfer, please, the game of golf needs you.

American Brands

If you are a regular reader of mine, you already know that I am the biggest fan of American Brands, and of course today those iconic brands are all over the world, generating huge amounts of dollars for Uncle Sam.

But the thing is that over the years we have seen manufacturing leaving America like the air out of a balloon and going to countries like Mexico, Philippines, Korea and of course China. Obviously this has caused many financial problems to the country and of course jobs are disappearing like a Houdini trick.

But we are starting to see some action from countries who realize that “Big Brands make Big Bucks, and maybe, hmmmmmm we could do some of that and make more money than we do just by manufacturing. Let’s start with Mexico, the brands that are sold in the US, are primarily products that are sold to Mexican’s living in the US. There are not a great deal of Mexican brands getting a bigger brand share over US brands in the US marketplace. And the same applies to the Philippines, but Korea of course has leveraged Samsung, Hyundai and Japan has been flooding the US market’ with it’s cars, musical instruments and brands like PlayStation and Sanyo with huge success.

But what about the country that frankly own’s most of our debt and produces huge amounts of the consumer products that we consume annually. To date China has become a great manufacturer, I mean just go into your local Wal-Mart and you will see that there are massive amounts of products manufactured in China. By the way do you remember when Wal-Mart sold only American made products? I know that I do. I remember when my client Polaroid had to prove that the products were completely produced right here in the US.

Guys it’s only a matter of time before the Chinese develop, create and deliver a brand that will dominate the American marketplace…….get ready for it.

So to all the US consumer brands, be very aware the brand share you currently have may well be under attack from a direction that you are not expecting. I would strongly suggest you use a saying that has worked well for me and one that I use in probably every speaking session I give, it’s “Play What If”.

For instance I am sure that Steve Jobs and his legal team are having an apoplexy after finding out that the Chinese have created knock off Apple Stores, here’s a YouTube link, check it out:


Darren Clark wins “The Open”

I am sorry if you do not like golf, but I do, and as it’s my newsletter, I need to get this out.

I was so thrilled to see Darren Clark win “The Open” in the UK last week. I must say that it made me feel a little bit homesick for the “Green green grass of home” as the tournament was played in Kent, the county where I was born. Of course I was rooting for Phil and Rory to win, just a little bit, but Darren is probably one of the most deserving players in the world and thoroughly earned this first major championship at the age of 42. Well done Darren, the golfer with a serious six pack……..beer of course!

The big brand impact at the Canadian Open this week was RBC, the Royal Bank of Canada, they are the sponsors of world number one (at the time of writing) Luke Donald, fan favorite Ernie Els, last years Open winner Louis Oosthuizen and Canadian winner of the Masters, Mike Weir. Good Job!

Brand Leaders Make More Money!

This is a fact and in the declining, what’s new, video games category it’s rather nice to see Microsoft with it’s Xbox 360 doing so well. It has gained more brand share in this declining marketplace and is the only contender to post incremental sales in the past year.

BP is Back

Yes surprisingly BP is back advertising on TV, albeit in the UK, beginning their campaign as a sponsor of the London, Olympic Games 2012 . What do you think? Is being an Olympic sponsor a good place for BP to start repairing it’s image, let me know by clicking here and sending me and e-mail.

Facebook joins forces with Skype.

One of the best joint venture programs in recent years is the joining of one of my favorite products, Skype, together with Facebook. What a great joining of two products where everyone benefits, super stuff well done to both companies.

I love Skype, it connects me with family, friends and on occasion, business associates. I have given video interviews on Skype in the past and I truly believe that video phone calls will be the future, along with video e-mails. I know that I have already started trying video e-mails, and if you would like to get one from me, just send me a regular old e-mail by clicking here and I will respond with a video version.

Pusser’s Rum

If you have ever been to the Caribbean, and in particular the British West Indies, you will undoubtedly have seen plenty of Pusser’s Rum on the shelves of bars, and maybe you even tasted some. It’s all over the place and one of the Caribbean’s biggest exports and has a great brand impression with it’s ties to the heritage of British Sailors. (Think Polo for Brits).

Anyway, through the years they have enjoyed good and consistent sales, even having a clothing line which is really popular with sailing types. Overall a nice steady brand that consistently delivers good sales and profits. The product itself is also consistently good I am told, I am not a connoisseur of rum, and bartenders in all of the areas of the world where the product is sold, get a premium price for it. So far so good!

Here’s the issue. Pusser’s found out that a bar in New York had decided to call itself the “Painkiller Tiki Bar”, and as Pusser’s has a drink it called “The Painkiller”, coupled with the fact that they are bringing out a “Painkiller Cocktail Mix” sometime soon, they decided to sue the bar. Now of course the bar has complied, and has changed it’s name to PKNY, which is pretty good I might add. But the bad news is that they have Royally upset the whole bar-tending community, the ones that can make or break them at the point of purchase.

In fact they have gone so far as to create their own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bartenders-and-Cocktailians-against-Pussers-Rum/120847664666715 in order to get the message out.

C’Mon Pusser’s, have some common sense, what on earth were you thinking, it was going to be free advertising from a client who would have moved a boatload of your product. Now you have got bartenders up in arms against you. Maybe you should try a readdress this one, and my suggestion is “Keep the lawyers out of it”.

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