Three BIG DO’s to help your Golf Game!

In my experience as a golf teacher I have found that when I get a new student, they do at least one of the following three things that absolutely positively do NOT help their golf game.

1. They always try to help get the ball in the air by lifting the club up at impact.

LESSON: Don’t help the ball up, the club is designed to do that, DO hit the ball with a descending strike.

2. They seem to try to steer the ball with their hands.

LESSON: Do just let your hands go automatically, feel relaxed and just release them through the impact zone.

3. They try to hit the ball, which of course leads to over-the-top swings and causes all sorts of damage like hooks and slices.

LESSON: Do swing the club, gradually increasing speed, on plane and just let the ball get in the way of your golf swing.

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