Jack’s Bio

Phase 1 – Founder and CEO of the largest marketing agency in America

Jack Sims is one of those rare people who started his business education at the age of eleven, by working in his parents Mom & Pop store in England. That’s where he first learned the importance of customers and treating them correctly.

This awareness of looking after your customers, keeping your promises and developing a brand that people will go out of their way to get, and pay a premium price for, has stood the test of time. Starting in the embryonic Promotional Marketing industry he quickly realized that to attain substantial business growth that forward thinking companies are looking for, they must make sure that their marketing, branding and business basics are on track. This is the same thinking he used when he started his first company in the UK, and it worked, it became consistently ranked as one of the top creative groups in the country.

He came to America and opened his marketing agency out of his apartment in White Plains, New York. It quickly gained its own brand awareness, which led to gaining clients who are some of the biggest and best brands on the planet, companies like Polaroid, British Airways, Burger King, Lever, General Foods, Nestle signed on as retainer clients. His company won the promotional marketing industries highest awards, not once but twice, on the way to becoming the #1 ranked and largest marketing agency in the country, and it retained that position two years in a row. Jack’s vision is all about moving the business, brand or market share growth needle, and this comes through in every project he works on.

He is a brilliant strategic thinker when it comes to marketing, branding, customer service and the analysis of customer experience.

Brian Pogee – GE.

After selling his business to Wall Street, Jack wrote his first book “Growing small businesses into Big Brands” which explains the step by step process of how to build a successful brand, and it is now in its third printing. As a member of NSA he has been giving his keynote speaking sessions to audiences across the Americas to audiences of associations and corporations, and was voted “Best Keynote Speaker” by meeting planner readers of “Meetings & Conventions”.

Phase Two – Golf Teaching Professional

One of Jack’s dreams was to become a golf teaching professional and try to incorporate the disciplines, thinking and action steps that made him a winner in business into the golf teaching arena. He went through golf teaching Q School and has been a professional for twelve years.

He has since written “You can’t see your Back swing – How to WIN at Business & Golf” which is based on his experiences as a professional golfer and combined with his lifelong experiences of growing businesses.

This is what makes Jack Sims truly unique in the world of keynote speaking; he brings the very best of worlds, business and sports at the highest level. Audiences leave with information that they just simply could not get with any credibility anywhere else.

Jack’s keynote speaking sessions are high powered, high on content and will absolutely blow your audience away. He has no equal when it comes to delivering this unique keynote session. It is his own experiences, his journey that audiences get when they see Jack on stage. He found out by walking the walk of founding businesses, playing golf at the highest level by playing for his adopted country in the Caribbean Championships for 11 years in a row and from getting rave reviews from the golf students he teaches, that there is a very definite correlation between the way that great business leaders and winning golfers, think and act. They do the same things, but they do it in very different ways, but the net result is that they are WINNERS, and that’s what the audience will get from seeing and listening to Jacks’ keynote “How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf”

In addition Jack still consults for companies who are looking for some serious growth while appearing on TV and radio shows as a business growth expert and speaking to corporations and associations who are looking to improve their business bottom line through marketing, branding and the business basics. Just a few of the corporations he has spoken for are Harley-Davidson, Novartis, Panasonic, LexisNexis, Washington Group International and he also speaks for associations as diverse as American Perfume Society, Industrial Fabrics Association, American Locksmith’s, National Frame Building Association and dozens more.