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If you are planning a meeting and would like to have a guarantee of speaker success at your next meeting, look no further. I not only promise you, your audience and the rest of your team will not only enjoy the experience of working with me and my “Seriously Winning at Business Sports &¬†Golf” keynote session, but it will be one of the least stressful you have ever had, I guarantee it.

And by the way, just click the following link to see what Jack says about guaranteeing his work!

I see it as my job to help make you look good, give your audience a keynote that will not only move them from where they are, but to educate them on how they can grow as business people, but also entertain them with winning stories of business and golf that they will be able to adapt and use themselves.

This keynote is about understanding that professional athletes and sports stars are unique in the way that they think and act and its the very same thinking that leaders in business use and leverage to grow their businesses into the brand leader in the category that they compete.

Jack Sims is not only a leader of businesses, he has founded two companies on two continents and they both became national in size. His US corporation became the largest marketing agency in America and had some of the biggest and best brand names in the world as clients. But he is also an acclaimed Professional Golf Teacher who has competed at the highest level and came to the incredible conclusion that business leaders and athletes apply the very same thinking in becoming winners. That’s why audience members can so easily relate to his stories, he has been where they are in business, he has walked the walk. But he also has that something special that separates him from the majority, he grew his company to become the largest in America, and became an acclaimed golf teaching professional.

His latest book “How to WIN at Business & Golf” is a testament to his thinking and is the heart and soul of every “Serious Business Golf” keynote that he gives.

It Gets Even Better…

Yes, it gets better. Not only will Jack give your audience his sensational information-packed speaking session, but he will also be available to participate in your Golf Outing too, with any one of the following activities…

  • Hosting a Golf Clinic
  • Playing in the Tournament
  • Giving Golf Swing Tips to Every Player

Can you imagine what this is worth? Talk about added value to your event!