Tears of Joy teaching golf!

Yesterday I gave the second golf lesson to a young student, and afterwards I was nearly in tears with joy. For the first time he really hit a golf sho

Box Your Way to a Powerful Golf Swing

If you wan't to add more power to your golf swing then you have to accomplish three things: 1. Make sure that you get the center of the club face o

Don’t make this Mistake, It Could Cost You The Match!

Last weekend at the “Colonial”, Zack Johnson made a rookie mistake that nearly cost him another win on the PGA Tour. Zack moved his ball marke

The Secret to Making More Putts!

The truth is that putting makes up the biggest percentage of any golf score, and the best way to reduce the total amount of strokes, or get your handi

How Rock n’ Roll can help your Golf Game!

If you know anything about me, you will know that besides golf, I have a passion for Rock N Roll and Blues, and as I am not currently in a band, I do

A Revolutionary NEW Way of Putting!

I always considered the strength of my game to be from 150 yards out from the green, pitching, chipping and putting and that’s why I created my on l