What do Warren Buffet, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Richard Branson and Tiger Woods all have in common?

They can't see their back-swing in business or golf! That's the truth, it really doesn't matter how good you are, you cannot see what is happening

7 Steps to Perfect Sand Shots, Every time!

Does this sound like you? You are walking up to the green, just hoping that you will see the ball on the green, and then your heart sinks as you se

What are you thinking?

The Players Championships Over the weekend we had “The Player's Championships” with a breakthrough for one of the most consistent players on to

The Best Golf Practice Session!

This is a drill that I give my better students, and I promise you that it works. It mentally prepares you to play every single hole of your golf cou

How my Grandsons helped my golf game

We were fortunate enough to have had our son and grandsons staying with us for the Christmas Holidays, and we truly had a great time, a little tiring,

The Seven MUSTS that will positively help you improve your golf game!

If you are serious about making your golf game better and enjoying the experience more than ever, there are 7 things that you MUST get right, and they

Pray and help yourself play better golf

Yes if you pray it can help you with your chipping and pitching. In fact it can help you a great deal with your overall golf game too. Here’s the

Want to improve your golf game for just a buck?

One of the mistakes that golfers make is during their back swing is not getting the club and their body in the right position to make a correct golf

3 moves that will improve your golf game!

3 moves to make your golf swing better! As you can imagine as a golf teacher I have seen pretty much every golf swing known to man, or woman and he

Who Own’s the Jack Sims Brand?

This is just one of the many clips on You Tube of me speaking at various events for coporations like Panasonic and associations across the country