Get Golf Fit

Here are some simple exercises that will help you improve your golf game this season.

Want a Shoulder Turn like a Tour Player?

Well I hope you want to get a full shoulder turn in your golf swing, as I have found after watching thousands of swings when I teach that a poor shoul

What you can learn from ERNIE, WINNING “The Open”!

Honestly most people would not have bet much, if any money, which by the way you can do in betting shops in the UK, on Ernie Els winning “The Open

4 Steps to Perfect Putting

These are the four steps that you should work on after you have created the perfect putting set-up for you, and that's a whole different subject, but

Don’t Suck Your Thumb, It Can Help Your Golf Swing

One of the best tools that you have in your arsenal to control your clubface is your thumb. If you simply hold a club in your hand and with the fac

Golf Exercises for Baby Boomers!

I have been asked by some of my Baby Boomer Golf Students if I could give them some exercises to help keep them in shape during the winter months and