Play FUNDAMENTAL GOLF if you want to Win!

If you have started playing golf this season, the chances are that you are not scoring as well as you did at the end of last season, or perhaps as wel

The One Golf Thought You Should Have!

A couple of years ago I wrote a book called “You can't see your back-swing – How to WIN at Business & Golf”. The following is a small piece fr

7 Steps to Perfect Sand Shots, Every time!

Does this sound like you? You are walking up to the green, just hoping that you will see the ball on the green, and then your heart sinks as you se

What you can learn from ERNIE, WINNING “The Open”!

Honestly most people would not have bet much, if any money, which by the way you can do in betting shops in the UK, on Ernie Els winning “The Open

Ladies – How to Make Your Drives Go Longer!

This is probably the most common question I get from my female golf students “Jack, how can I hit it longer”? My answer, more often than not is

Should You Transfer Your Weight or Not?

This is a question that I get asked about all the time, "Should I or do I transfer my weight in the back-swing"? The answer is YES. That's if you s

Get a Grip????

The number one thing that I have to work with my golf students is what most people call, their grip. For some reason, most students seem to strugg

Turn the Bucket Upside Down for a Draw!

While you are at the range practicing your golf swing, if you are looking to find out how your arms should pronate. Just pick up the bucket that the g

Want More Distance and Accuracy with Your Driver?

Well doesn't everyone? Of course we all want some extra yardage, as long as the ball ends up in the fairway. Let's face it, it's a lot easier to hi

Don’t Suck Your Thumb, It Can Help Your Golf Swing

One of the best tools that you have in your arsenal to control your clubface is your thumb. If you simply hold a club in your hand and with the fac