What do Warren Buffet, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Richard Branson and Tiger Woods all have in common?

They can't see their back-swing in business or golf! That's the truth, it really doesn't matter how good you are, you cannot see what is happening

Play FUNDAMENTAL GOLF if you want to Win!

If you have started playing golf this season, the chances are that you are not scoring as well as you did at the end of last season, or perhaps as wel

Box Your Way to a Powerful Golf Swing

If you wan't to add more power to your golf swing then you have to accomplish three things: 1. Make sure that you get the center of the club face o

Best single piece of golf advice I ever received!

Many years ago, I played occasionally with a man, who then I thought was very old, he was 76, and he would shoot his age, pretty much every week. I w

“5 Golf Tips Guaranteed to Help You Win at Golf”

Well it's New Years Eve, and I am sitting at my computer thinking about the golf season that has just passed and the new one that is coming up, and wh

Listen to music if you want to be a better golfer!

One of the characteristics of great music is that it moves us. It moves us emotionally and figuratively. For instance if you ever see a great blues p

Rory Roars!

Wow, is this kid something special, two wins in a row in the playoffs in the FedEx Cup, and three wins in his last four starts. It is so nice to se

Rory Roars to WIN the PGA plus 7 Steps to Perfect Sand Saves

Rory Roars ahead to WIN the PGA WOW, that's all I can say WOW, watching Rory McIlroy lap the field at the PGA on Kiawah Island, this was an exhibit

What you can learn from ERNIE, WINNING “The Open”!

Honestly most people would not have bet much, if any money, which by the way you can do in betting shops in the UK, on Ernie Els winning “The Open

Get a Grip????

The number one thing that I have to work with my golf students is what most people call, their grip. For some reason, most students seem to strugg