Tigers Baaaaack!!!!!

Wow, did you hear the Tiger roar at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in the Presidents Cup in the singles match against Aaron (Dresses) Baddeley. This was a

What….a Floating Flake?

Regular readers know that one of my favorite clients was Cadbury Chocolate, so that's why I hope you will understand that my enthusiasm for their late

Profitability before all else!

The world has dramatically changed over the past decade. Especially the world of business right? Well, yes and no. It’s true we have seen dramat

A Boy with Pink Toenails are you Serious?

Well J Crew has making some eyebrows go up, some mouths open and the expression “What on earth were they thinking”, being said an awful lot. It's

Start your Golf Season with GAP Analysis 101

It's a new season, you have dusted off the clubs and have begun stretching your body, so that you can make a full shoulder turn, you have been swingin

And the Winner Is!!!!!

Mark Boal, who the heck is Mark Boal, well he is for me, one of the best Oscar winners in this years race. You see Mark is the screenplay writer of

5 tips guaranteed to get you more distance off the tee!

JACK SIMS GOLF - Storm King Golf Club & Duffers Driving Range This is probably the number one question that I get asked by golfers who have a

My 2 cents on the Oil Spill

The Oil in the Gulf Well everyone has an opinion on what happened in the Gulf, the BP response, the government’s involvement and everyone who han

Business & Brand News 34

Apple OK so Apple has knocked its competition from the top spot, well certainly in the stock market, but what about the latest connection ooops wit