What do Warren Buffet, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Richard Branson and Tiger Woods all have in common?

They can't see their back-swing in business or golf! That's the truth, it really doesn't matter how good you are, you cannot see what is happening

Get a GRIP!

[gallery] The number one thing that I work with my golf students is their grip. For some reason, most students seem to struggle with getting the

It’s all about the Plane!

The single biggest problem that I see on the driving range, after getting a good grip that is, is managing to get the club on the right plane. The

What are you thinking?

The Players Championships Over the weekend we had “The Player's Championships” with a breakthrough for one of the most consistent players on to

Keep Your Spine Angle and WIN!

Probably the most common thing that new to the game golfers hear from their playing partners is “keep your head down”, and boy is that something t

Hauled in front of Parliament!!!!

I was watching with interest that Rupert Murdoch, his son and the now fired Chief Executive were hauled before the British Parliament to be interr

C’mon guys, no texting during dinner!

I was out singing blues last night at a restaurant/bar and was drinking a soda at a table with a friend and noticed a couple in their late thirt

Before you start playing golf this season!

If you live in an area where you have been kept indoors for the past few months, or at the very least off the golf course for the winter, then the cha

A Revolutionary NEW Way of Putting!

I always considered the strength of my game to be from 150 yards out from the green, pitching, chipping and putting and that’s why I created my on l

How my Grandsons helped my golf game

We were fortunate enough to have had our son and grandsons staying with us for the Christmas Holidays, and we truly had a great time, a little tiring,