Want to Hit Longer and Straighter Drives?

Doesn't everyone? Well here's three steps that will help you:

Why are Apple Computers and Tiger Woods Winners?

Well they are both #1 in the world in the categories that they compete in, is fairly obvious, but what is it that got both to become #1 and stay winne

Best single piece of golf advice I ever received!

Many years ago, I played occasionally with a man, who then I thought was very old, he was 76, and he would shoot his age, pretty much every week. I w

Listen to music if you want to be a better golfer!

One of the characteristics of great music is that it moves us. It moves us emotionally and figuratively. For instance if you ever see a great blues p

Rory Roars!

Wow, is this kid something special, two wins in a row in the playoffs in the FedEx Cup, and three wins in his last four starts. It is so nice to se

7 Steps to Perfect Sand Shots, Every time!

Does this sound like you? You are walking up to the green, just hoping that you will see the ball on the green, and then your heart sinks as you se

How to Get More Distance Immediately!

One of the questions I am consistently asked is “How to do I get more power in my golf swing, especially as I get older”? Honestly there is no

Don’t make this Mistake, It Could Cost You The Match!

Last weekend at the “Colonial”, Zack Johnson made a rookie mistake that nearly cost him another win on the PGA Tour. Zack moved his ball marke

What are you thinking?

This is one of the biggest areas that if you focus on it, can change your golf game, lower your scores and improve your handicap. It's all about th

The Secret to Making More Putts!

The truth is that putting makes up the biggest percentage of any golf score, and the best way to reduce the total amount of strokes, or get your handi