Top 10 Commandments of Golf!

Here are the Top 10 Commandments of Golf according to Dr Bob Rotella. It might be a smart idea to follow them, because he is awful good at what he do

Do You Speak Your Customers Language?

Click here for a very informative, and funny story about communications:

How Rock n’ Roll can help your Golf Game!

If you know anything about me, you will know that besides golf, I have a passion for Rock N Roll and Blues, and as I am not currently in a band, I do

Latest Edition of Jack Sims Business & Brand News

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3H’s WILL Dramatically Help Your Golf Game!

About a year ago I wrote an article talking about getting your hands in the prayer position if you want to improve your golf game. And now I would lik

It’s the Plane Boss, it’s the Plane!

 Those of you who are old enough to remember the TV Show Fantasy Land will remember that the diminutive Tattoo would say "It's the Plane Boss, the Pl

Get FIT if you want to improve your golf game!

 I was speaking to a new friend of mine Bob Forman who is probably one of the best golf fitness experts in the country and I would like you to ch

Three BIG DO’s to help your Golf Game!

In my experience as a golf teacher I have found that when I get a new student, they do at least one of the following three things that absolutely posi

Hauled in front of Parliament!!!!

I was watching with interest that Rupert Murdoch, his son and the now fired Chief Executive were hauled before the British Parliament to be interr

Read the label if you want to improve the economy!

When I was a kid living in England, someone over there created an advertising campaign that I thought was probably one of the biggest reasons that got