Rory Roars to WIN the PGA plus 7 Steps to Perfect Sand Saves

Rory Roars ahead to WIN the PGA WOW, that's all I can say WOW, watching Rory McIlroy lap the field at the PGA on Kiawah Island, this was an exhibit

It’s all about the Plane!

The single biggest problem that I see on the driving range, after getting a good grip that is, is managing to get the club on the right plane. The

The Secret to Making More Putts!

The truth is that putting makes up the biggest percentage of any golf score, and the best way to reduce the total amount of strokes, or get your handi

Turn the Bucket Upside Down for a Draw!

While you are at the range practicing your golf swing, if you are looking to find out how your arms should pronate. Just pick up the bucket that the g

Want More Distance and Accuracy with Your Driver?

Well doesn't everyone? Of course we all want some extra yardage, as long as the ball ends up in the fairway. Let's face it, it's a lot easier to hi

4 Steps to Perfect Putting

These are the four steps that you should work on after you have created the perfect putting set-up for you, and that's a whole different subject, but

Tigers Baaaaack!!!!!

Wow, did you hear the Tiger roar at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in the Presidents Cup in the singles match against Aaron (Dresses) Baddeley. This was a

Golf Drills Don’t Work!

No they really don't!!!!! I have given so many golf drills over the years to students and on line via blogs, on this web site or even on my web sit

Hey Tiger, Want To Win Another Major?

If Tiger Woods would like to win another major, or even just another PGA Tour Event, he might want to look backwards so that he can move forward. I

An Easy Way to Lower Your Golf Score!

There are many areas that separate the amateur golfer from the professional touring pro. Not only do the pro's work hard, practice for hours, have a