The One Golf Thought You Should Have!

A couple of years ago I wrote a book called “You can't see your back-swing – How to WIN at Business & Golf”. The following is a small piece fr

Get Fit for Golf this Winter and have a better Summer!

The problem for a lot of golfers is that during the winter months the golf clubs are stuck in the garage gathering dust and very quickly your golf gam

Doctors Are “Hands Down” the Best Sales People!

Most people are in sales, yes I know that's a big statement, but it's true, we are all selling something to someone, maybe it's even selling your wife

Feel the need, the need for SPEED!

Tom Cruise said this in the movie “Top Gun” and if you take it to heart, and build this thinking into your golf swing, it absolutely positively he

All we got was a $100 rain!!

As you might know, we live in the Turks & Caicos Islands for most of the year and of course have to survive hurricane season each time. Well we ju

Play T Ball if you want to improve your golf game!

When you were a kid, well if you were raised in America, the chances are that you played T- Ball to get started in baseball; I know that’s what my g

The Seven MUSTS that will positively help you improve your golf game!

If you are serious about making your golf game better and enjoying the experience more than ever, there are 7 things that you MUST get right, and they

Jack is interviewed by Golf Smarter

Recently I was invited be Fred Greene to be a part of the latest "Golf Smarter" podcast, I must tell you it was a lot of fun and Fred was a great inte

The Gekko is Back!

Yes 20 years after Gordon Gekko uttered those infamous words “Greed is Good”, he is back in a new movie. The “Greed is Good” statement was pro

Pray and help yourself play better golf

Yes if you pray it can help you with your chipping and pitching. In fact it can help you a great deal with your overall golf game too. Here’s the