What are you thinking?

This is one of the biggest areas that if you focus on it, can change your golf game, lower your scores and improve your handicap. It's all about th

Keep Your Spine Angle and WIN!

Probably the most common thing that new to the game golfers hear from their playing partners is “keep your head down”, and boy is that something t

Winning at Golf, it’s about the Numbers!

 If you want to improve your golf scores, you should start by looking at the numbers and this will tell you where you should spend your practice and

Oldies But Goodies!

I was watching the golf on TV last Sunday afternoon, very excited as Freddie Couples birdied the first three holes of the “Northern Trust” event b

Listen to your waistline, and hit better golf shots today!

Most golfers know that to hit a solid shot you have to make a full shoulder turn, this is not news! But here’s the thing, most golfers think they