Want to improve your golf game for just a buck?

One of the mistakes that golfers make is during their back swing is not getting the club and their body in the right position to make a correct golf

3 moves that will improve your golf game!

3 moves to make your golf swing better! As you can imagine as a golf teacher I have seen pretty much every golf swing known to man, or woman and he

“A cocktail umbrella can seriously improve your golf game”

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. You see most amateur golfer try to get more power and distance by swinging harder with their arms, and t

Take Note!

This morning I got a note from a student of mine who plays in the North East and has just dusted off the clubs, and here’s what he wrote: Hi

Winners trust their numbers not their hunches

The top golf players don’t lurch from hole to hole on a wing and a prayer.  They think their way around the golf course.  They don’t take on any

Pareto must have been a golfer…

After making careers out of all my passions: Business Growth, Branding, Marketing and golf, I’ve come to notice a lot of gob-smacking parallels betw

It’s the plane, it’s the plane Boss!!!

It’s the plane, it’s the plane, boss!!!! Those of you who are old enough will remember that Tattoo would say this at the beginning of every edi

Hole #5

The Pareto Principle works in golf and business! Eighty percent of your score is influenced by 20 percent of your clubs: Driver, wedge and putter. -

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Hole #1 – The fundamentals In business and in golf you MUST get the fundamentals right if you want to become the brand leader or WIN at golf, at